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Han Ji Metal&Plastic Technology

Han Kee Metal & Plastic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.: Company Profile: Han Kee Metal & Plastic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., located in Longgang District, Shenzhen Tian Kengzi foot industrial area, was founded in 1992. Company consists of stamping Division, precision metal lathe Division and Division. The main production of computer parts, MP3 accessories, electrical switches and sockets parts, precision components and a variety of housing within the motor precision lathe processing parts. Meanwhile, the metal material Division for foreign companies operating in mainland China sales of imported metal materials, expanding the company's marketing of the market, but also necessary to ensure that the Group companies shaking metal raw material supply, to maintain adequate stability.
 Currently, the company has more than 150 8T-200T punch sets; precision automatic lathe 50 sets; all kinds of production machinery and equipment over 20 sets of mold; mold has a more extensive expertise and experience. Continuous mode in which the most good.
 Han Ji company of "based on the continent, global perspective," the grand vision, and always on the product quality strictly, continue to strengthen internal management, to improve product quality and technology content and marketing services, December 1, 2001 formally adopted ISO9001: 2000 quality certification, the international market for the company to lay a solid foundation, while, in order to participate in the international market competition and regulate the corporate environmental management systems to meet customer and applicable laws and regulations. The Company was launched in November 2003, "green" management, in order to reach a "create a green plant, customers achieve security" purposes. We adhere to the best quality, best service, to provide you the most satisfactory products and sincerely hope to cooperate with domestic and overseas customers to achieve business!
 Address: Foot Village, Longgang District, Tian Kengzi
 Tel :0755 -84,126,636
 Fax 755 -84127366