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Morgan Fu Wong Technology

Shenzhen Technology Co., Morgan Fu Wong:
 Shenzhen Fu Wong barrel Mount Technology Limited (subsidiary of Morgan Group Company) is a set design, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the company projects include: the production and sale of hardware products, domestic trade, import and export of material. Our products are exported to Europe, America and parts of China, the products in the domestic market enjoy a good reputation, well received by customers.
 Address: Ping Shan District, Shenzhen Kengzi Zi Tian Tian foot Village Road No. 2
 Tel :0755 -84,118,791
 Fax 755 -84118790

 Olympic Division Ltd:
 Address: Taishan District, Taipei City Citizens Street, New No. 16, Lane 66
 Tel :02 -85,317,213
 Fax 02 -8531-8548