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Dongguan Hankun LED

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  Morgan Technology Co., Ltd. is an overseas holding group formed by the evolution and innovation of traditional processing and manufacturing industries. Since 1992, it has invested in the hardware manufacturing industry in mainland China, and the products have gradually extended into the electronics and factory industries. At present, it has owned: Dongguan Hanyuan Precision Metal Products Co., Ltd. and Hanji Metal & Plastic Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Subsidiaries range from raw material production to processing and manufacturing to finished product production. The business scope spans a variety of industries. With the comprehensive capital advantages of development, manufacturing, marketing, and capital operations that gradually come into its own, Morgan Technology has formed its initial complete processing industry.


  The LED Lighting Division was established in September 2012. It specializes in the production of LED lighting products, such as LED bulbs, spotlights, downlights, and ceiling lights. It adopts professional technology and is forged in one piece. Beautiful appearance, can do all kinds of appearance treatment.


  Adhering to the solid business philosophy of "one step at a time", Morgan Technology has continuously innovated, dedicated and established strict quality concepts and green environmental protection consciousness, thus creating a good reputation in the industry as a well-known industry at home and abroad.


  Morgan Technology sincerely looks forward to working with you for a better future!